Benefits Of Dry Brushing

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon the method of dry brushing the skin. At first, I thought it was a little crazy, and it would be somewhat painful, but once I tried it for myself I haven’t stopped!

Dry Brushing, rather self-explanatory, involves gently brushing the skin dry, with a body brush.


▸Improving Circulation

▸Exfoliating Dead Skin Cells

▸Reducing the appearance of cellulite

▸Aiding the body in natural detox processes by stimulating the lymphatic system

I have been dry brushing for about five years on and off. When I dry brush consistently I see a vast difference in the appearance and texture of my skin. 


The process of dry brushing is straightforward and can be tailored depending on your skin’s sensitivity.

I usually start with my legs and work my way up.

Using long strokes I brush towards my heart in sections, for example, I will start with my calves, then my thighs, torso, each arm and finally my decolletage. I will alter the pressure of stokes depending on the sensitivity of that area of skin, for example, my legs can take a little more brushing than my decolletage, so be sure to listen to your own body. 

When I reach areas with known cellulite, I focus on that area a little longer with circular motions instead of long strokes and gently apply more pressure to improve the circulation in these areas to aid in smoothing out the bumpy skin. 

Usually, I will dry brush before a shower or bath as bathing after dry brushing helps remove all the dead skin cells and some argue help remove any detoxes released through the process. However, I am not entirely sure how true this is. 

Once I have finished dry brushing and bathing I always make sure to slather on my favourite moisturiser or oil to lock in moisture. Lucy Bee Coconut oil is my current go to as smells delicious and makes my skin super soft and moisturised after use.


The morning after an evening of dry brushing I can tell the difference in the smoothness of my skin. My dry brush was just one I picked up from Boots a few years back, and it’s still good as new. 

Unlike other self-care rituals, dry brushing is incredibly easy to integrate into your evening or morning routine as it doesn’t require vast amounts of time. Plus once you have a dry brush, there is no other ‘keep up’ expense meaning it is extremely affordable, and for those of us who travel a lot it is easily transported so you can take a moment for yourself and have soft baby skin even when you’re on the road!

If you do invest in a dry brush make sure you pick one up with natural bristles. Your skin should never be scratched or damaged so make sure your brush of choice isn’t too coarse, I usually go a little red after brushing due to the increase in circulation but never have marks from the bush, so be mindful.

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