Healthy Snacking Made Easy

If snacking where a sport I believe I would be a fantastic contender in the snacking Olympics.

Of course, snacking is not a crime, however, it can get a little too much for the hips to handle from time to time and a healthy tasty snack is always a welcomed change and my body yelps for joy if filled with all the fantastic stuff ( sadly Cadbury Marvelous Creations taste fantastic but cause marvellous breakouts when consumed on the regular).

Snack Boxes have been all the craze over the recent years and for good reason.

Typically they offer a monthly subscription which secures you a box filled with tonnes of healthy yet yummy goodies to fill your snacking needs. It’s a snack lover’s ultimate dream as it offers a way of finding new snacks, keeps healthy eating interesting all while being conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

This is the LifeBox.

This snack box is the best of all the snack boxes. This is because you not only receive snacks but other exciting healthy items every month, from coffee, superfoods, dressings, granola, toothpaste, workouts… The list goes on.

Every month is different and sometimes even themed (who doesn’t love a theme?!).

When getting back into being a little more conscious as what I’m consuming on the daily this is always my first order made, as it just makes it exciting. A box full of foodie bits without all the bad bits!

This is the October 2018 Energy Box which I believe you can still get your hands on. The full break down of the box is on the second image of this post so go have a gander if your healthy snacking is lacking.

LifeBox offers two boxes which vary in products the Classic and the Energy. This month I went with the energy but you can choose whichever one you either preference or would suit your lifestyle best.

One of the fantastic about the LifeBox is that the product each month aren’t hidden from you before purchase. You can see each product in the box before you order, meaning if one month it doesn’t appeal to your snacking desires, you can simply save your money and purchase next months.

Each box also comes with cards with all the products so you can easily get them again if you loved certain items!

An added extra is the booklet which explains each product and recommended ways to either consume or use the products in the box! Which I personally love as it teaches me more and more about the topic of health each month.

Deciding to make healthier options is sometimes mundane and exhausting, which is why I love this service so much. It keeps things fresh every month and if my snack is healthy my meals usually follow suit as I don’t want to waste a lovely healthy snack on an unhealthy day of meals.

If you’re looking to upgrade your snacking and fill your body with some better ingredients I can’t recommend this enough.

It is one of the simplest ways to make healthier choices on the daily.

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