Holiday Must Haves 2017

As life has unfolded this summer, I have somehow nabbed myself three holidays. I don’t think I have ever traveled so much in one year, but hey I’m not complaining! With holidays on the horizon, I thought I’d share my favorite beach/holiday products.

Piz Buin SPF 15

The only suncream that doesn’t make me skin squirm. For years I have always had an issue with suncream as I suffer really badly from prickly heat, this stuff helps keep them prickles at bay. It smells great (as great as suncream can) and does the job! Suncream is suncream, they all protect the skin, but I thought I’d tell you about Piz Buin in case any of you do suffer from prickly heat as I find it does really help, as well as taking antihistamine (another tip haha).

Bondi Sands Everyday

I’m a very big fan of buildable false tan. I wanted to try the Bondi Sands products as I have seen them all over social media at the moment. I found this one in Boots, it was a lot more pricey than other buildable fake tans I have used in the past, yet dare I say I would actually purchase this again! It smells like chocolate (yes you read that right) and gives such a natural deep colour. 

Aussie 3 Minuet Miracle Reconstruction

My hair gets so dry in the summer, I have bleached ends which when mixed with direct sunlight and salt water it can get a little crispy. This is my favorite deep conditioner it literally injects so much moisture back into my hair, making it super soft and shiny, instead of matte and crispy. I can’t imagine going on holiday without this product.

Micellar Water

Removing makeup of just freshening clean skin throughout the day I always reach for this stuff in the summer. I have used it for about a year now and I really love how it removes my makeup without leaving my skin tight like traditional wipes. A summer must have but also a life must have for me.

Hawaiian Tropic After Sun
I’m a moisture freak when it comes to my skin. I blame my mum, she has always stressed the importance of moisturiser even when I was young. When choosing an aftersun I always sway towards Hawaiian Tropic as it smells diviiiiine. I will admit I still take my trusty Nivea with me for those extra dry skin days however, I love taking this as a kind of evening moisture and perfume combo.

Caudalie Grape Water
This is amazing on really hot days away, it soothes hot skin while also adding moisture. It’s more of a luxury than a must-have, I wouldn’t be upset if I forgot this on my travels but I do really enjoy using the product through the summer but I don’t think it makes a massive difference to my actual skin it’s just a nice things to have in your beach bag as a skin refresh.

EOS Mint
Any lip balm is a must for a summer holiday, as you can see my obsession with moisture is slowly shining through in this post! I love how this EOS lip balm has a cooling effect and is a sweet mint scent. It also looks REALLY cute which is always a bonus.


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