Holy Grail Concealer

This is the best concealer in the world. Big statement but seriously…

I wear: Custard

Even though it may be a little pricey (£22.50) I feel like its soooo worth it. I hardly ever splash out on a foundation as I prefer Bourjois formulas from Boots.

Therefore I can justify spending a little more on this little gem. That’s what I tell myself anyway! This concealer is just the perfect consistency for under the eyes, covering blemishes or to spot conceal to perfect the skin a little on those off days. I’m slowly falling deeper and deeper in love with NARS as a brand at the moment, the packaging is sleek meaning it doesn’t wear in a makeup bag over time which is a pet peeve of mine.

I can’t say enough good things about this product, everything about it just ticks all the boxes for me. All I can say is you NEED it, hehe.


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