How I Travelled Bali

In May 2017 my best friend Jodie and I travelled around Bali for two weeks. It was a surreal experience and our first time travelling “backpack” style. Since coming home from the trip, I have had lots of messages from people asking for all the deets of the trip. SO grab a cuppa and get excited as I’m going to tell you exactly how we travelled Bali.

Firstly, we did not travel and organise the whole trip alone. As it was our first time going so far from home and first in Indonesia, we decided to opt for a group trip. One afternoon, we sat and scoured the Internet for the BEST Bali experience (that wouldn’t break the bank). That’s when we stumbled on Bali Intro.

Bali Intro is part of a larger travel company named Intro Travel. They have a range of trips from Vietnam, Australia, Bali and Thailand. We did ponder on the other tours, but after watching the promotional video for Bali Intro, we didn’t look any further.

*Jodie and I did the Bali Intro trip, however now there is another trip called Bali Experience, which is a smaller group and I am guessing a little more chilled, however head to their website to read about this one as I am not 100%, but just so you know they do seem different. *

The trip cost us £799 for 12 days. Depending on your experience with travel this may be expensive or cheap. For us, it was more than reasonable. We had to get our flights separately. However, Bali Intro sent our details over to STA Travel who helped us organise our flights to fit perfectly with the trips start and end date. No stress.

OKAY OKAY BUT WAS IT WORTH IT?! I hear you asking.


The trip was an absolute ball; we met some incredible people from all over the world. We ticked so many items off our bucket list and experienced Bali in a whole new way. The one downside is it was only two weeks, due to work commitments we couldn’t stay any longer. I would recommend staying in Bali longer. Your guide on the trip will help you plan out what you want to do after the tour ends.

If you’re new to travelling, backpacking, exploring I think these trips are a high starting point.

Would I do it again? 

Honestly? As much as I adored my experience with Bali through Intro Travel, I think I would like to travel independently and see where that leads. But that doesn’t mean I’ll never do it again. I’ve been hinting, I fancy the Vietnam trip… you stay on a private island!!!

How did you save?

The question everyone always asked me is “How do you travel so much? How do you afford it?”. Well, I am a university student who lives at home, and I work part-time. My student loan helps look after little bits and bills, so my car insurance, gym, phone bill, etc. And then my part time job is the money I have for more fun things. Honestly, prioritise your money, and you’ll do it. There’s no secret.

What were the downsides?

I would say the downsides to making a trip like this is that you are limited to an extent. For example, I’m a massive foodie, and one thing I found limiting was where you chose to eat. The places had already been selected for you, which of course was terrific most of the time, but others I would have liked to have chosen myself.

What was your favourite part?

Oh goodness, surprisingly, it was the Gilli Islands. I say surprisingly because I was ill for this little chunk of the tour, so didn’t get to experience the nightlife to the fullest. However, there was so much to do there; we got to snorkel with turtles and bike ride around the island, playing on the Gili swings at sunset.

Pop over to the Bali Intro website for full deets:

Uluwatu Temple

 Jodie and I Before Near Dying Trying To Surf

 Private Villa – This Was Surreal

Infinity Pool At The Private Villa

 Jodie and I Before Dolphin Spotting

 The Farm

 The Lovely Niamh and I At The Home Stay

 Traditional Balinese Food At Home Stay

 Learning To Basket Weave With Balinese Children

Gilli Air

Gilli T

 Gilli Air

 Hotel In Ubud

 Ubud Markets – Best Markets Ever

 Sunset Swings With The Group

Satay Chicken Was Life.


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