Last Day In Edinburgh

The next morning we woke up early and went on the hunt for some breakfast.

We popped into a coffee shop and arrived back home to our apartment with coffee, tea, hot full english breakfast buns and a massive cinnamon orange roll for myself.

We sat and watched the sky brighten at our quaint kitchen table overlooking the Royal Mile. 

Once fed and watered, we got dressed and headed out into the city for a full day of sightseeing.

The sandstone buildings caught the morning sunlight so beautifully I couldn’t help but take photographs every second. In Edinburgh every corner you turn there is something to bewilder you or a part of history to explore, every place I travel there is always something to learn and see. This city holds so much, and for a much broader scope of time, it’s incredible to learn and imagine all the different lives that have walked that same cobbled streets. 

We headed down the Royal Mile, past the World’s End ( give this a google, so I don’t have to nerd out again! ) and found ourselves by parliament and the Queen’s Gallery. 

After a peek into the Queen’s residence in Edinburgh and some classic tourist shots, we hopped onto a tour bus. We opted for the ‘Edinburgh’ bus which is the green route if you happen to pick up a bus guide whenever you’re next here.

When the bus arrived, we scurried to the top for the best view and greeted by our fabulous tour guide, Gordon.  Instead of headphones with an automated tour guide talking down your ear in a robotic tone, this tour had a local tour guide to share knowledge of the city.

I need to take a second to boast about our tour guide. He knew his stuff and frequently referenced his research on Edinburgh’s history which was fascinating and much more fruitful than any other guide I’ve been on before. Aside from this, he was bloody hilarious which is always a winner in my book.

For the next hour or so, we listened and laughed with Gordon, while snapping lots of pictures of the city.

As we reached the New Town, and the tour terminated, we hopped off to stretch our legs and explore the high street.

Of course, stopping to refuel with milkshakes and indulgent food at a diner.

We shopped and wandered for the rest of the afternoon, before hopping back onto the bus to the Royal Mile.

After some further shopping and exploring the Cathedral a couple of doors up from our apartment, we headed back to get ready for dinner.

We headed for Whiski.

A small pub on the Royal Mile that boasted excellent reviews and a lively ambience. As you’ve learnt by now, I love a good ambience, the vibe of a restaurant does make or break a dining experience for me.

The pub’s walls cluttered with amazing paintings, maps, bottles, articles creating a homely warm atmosphere. The bar piled high in Whisky bottles and people perched on bar stools hoping to grab one of the demanded tables to grab a bite to eat.

We arrived at the perfect time as there was one table left, which we hastily sat at and before long many other customers where being turned away due to the high demand.

We ordered our food and not long after it arrived. Don’t let the dim lighting of food shots fool you; this meal was epic.

Dad ordered the soup while Joe and I went for Tigar prawns in a creamy garlic sauce with fresh chunky bread to mop it all up.

For our mains.

I had the steak and ale pie. One of the best I have ever had and I am a known lover!

Dad went for the Haggis which looked incredible, and he reported back tasted just as good as it looked! 

Joe attacked his food before I could snap, but raved about his burger afterwards.

Although stuffed to the seams, I couldn’t help but order a pud!

Oh. my. days.

THE best sticky toffee pudding I have ever tasted. Sweet, rich sticky toffee, soft sponge, caramelised top and cold, creamy vanilla ice cream. A sweet finish to the most incredible trip!

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