Every ‘Bloody’ Month

Ok. Picture this. Your chatting with a friend and they bring up a subject everyone else dilly dally around (sex, periods, contraception, hair removal, you get the vibe) and you’re like ” YAS ME TOO THANK GOD IT’S NOT JUST ME”. No? Well, your missing out because they are the best euphoric moments which induce such a sense relief that your not the only women in the world experiencing something you thought was totally crazy.

I personally have had many of these conversations. One, because I’m a massive over-sharer and two, I love chatting about topics no one really discusses (openly I guess). Well. Here’s me oversharing on how I survive (only just) PMS & the dreaded monthly period.

lil back story and birth control

During my teenage years, I had blissfully *pretty* periods. I was that annoying girl who had a three day period and no PMS. I was always really confused by the girls who were crippled over with cramps or crying uncontrollably. I just didn’t get it. Then in my late teens, I started the pill, again all blissfully sweet, nice short periods and no massive mental swings. Even more blissful (this is getting sickening now isn’t it) I started the injection meaning NO PERIODS. Oh, they were the days. Then after three years of the injection, I had to take a break so opted for the copper coil.

For the first time in three years, I was experiencing periods and the copper coil does not include hormones, so it was my first time since an early teen my own hormones were free to roam. Meaning, I now suffer from MEGA PMS (the joys) and regular periods. Now moving onto how the heck I survive this monthly battle.

(I love discussing birth control I find it so helpful when others do too if you would like a separate post all about my experience leave an emoji in the comments)

▷app that

Tracking my period not only lets me know that I am regular (no baby yet thank you) but it also allows me to track other elements of my body and mind. I use the app Clue on my iPhone. It allows me to track my bleeding days but also alllll the other days of the month. I can customize what I wish to track, I personally track things such as cramps, cravings, mood, sleep, energy, thread check, digestion, skin & more.

Once I started to track my period for a couple of months, it actually sends me notifications like “HIYA YOU MAY HAVE SORE BREASTS ITS OKAY JUST PMS”. Maybe a lil more profesh tone than that but you get the idea. I believe the first steps to managing PMS and periods is learning about how your body works and what patterns are clear. This way I know, when I’m crying over needing to put petrol in my car, I’m not actually crazy haha. Hormones are tough but when I am prepared and aware of how I’m feeling and why it helps me stay sane.

tampons, washes and relief

My collection method is tampons. I recently decided to go organic with my tampons after reading a couple of studies regarding the ingredients that tampons are produced from (kinda freaky worth a research). I find tampons are less restrictive than pads and I just feel fresher throughout the day, but that’s just my personal preference.

As for other hygiene products, I have used ‘Femfresh’ products for years and love them. Basically, if you’re not familiar with the brand, they produce products that are specifically catered for your moo. They are literally in all shops that sell toiletries so really easily accessible. My favourite product is the intimate wash. Now you can use normal soap/body wash for down there but honestly, when I’m on my period I find the wash is excellent at really making me feel fresh out of the shower and afterwards.

In regards to pain relief, nothing works for me better than Neurofen. Everyone who knows me personally is aware I’m an absolute pain when it comes to medication and I HATE taking it. I guess I am one of the weird naturalists who believe paracetamol isn’t always the answer haha. However, with bad cramps, I will venture out in the middle of the night for this stuff. I buy the period-specific one. However, there probably isn’t much difference and I’m just being a sucker for marketing, but any Nurofen is a massive go to when it comes to easing cramps.


Hi, my names Han and I’m an emotional eater.

Like seriously. When I’m down allllll I want to do is eat crap and sit in bed watching a disgusting amount of Netflix. This is very apparent when it comes to my period and that time in my cycle where I feel like the world is against me, I’m fat and I just want to cry because it’s raining outside. We’ve all been there.
As much as I NEED (yes need) a McDonalds I am trying to sway towards healthier *bad* snacks. This means instead of fried food or a full bar of Cadburys sharing chocolate, I will opt for snacks such as Livia’s Kitchen range of sweet treats which are ahhhhhhh-mazing. I have a massive sweet tooth and these taste so good but are less processed which just makes me feel less like crap in the long run. All about avoid the ‘crap’ feeling! But honestly sometimes it doesn’t always turn out I have the healthiest foods but I try, have a gander at the ‘free from’ section in your local supermarket and you will usually find some healthier snacks which will feed your cravings but also help your body a lil bit more than traditional chocolate or snacks. I have a couple of my favourites pictured above!


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