Pixi Glow Tonic .V. Glossier Solution

▷Glossier Solution

price £19 //


At one pound more than Pixi Glow Tonic, I find this solution rather difficult to love. After multiple uses I can’t exclaim I saw a massive difference in the appearance of my skin. The solution is rather sticky on the skin and there is a hot feeling after use which is quite uncomfortable. A toner for me should make the skin feel tight and fresh, however, this made my skin feel hot and ‘sticky’. I’m honestly so disappointed this product didn’t work for me as it has such big claims on the Glossier website.

One fantastic thing about the product is the packaging. The pump dispenser which activates when you press a cotton pad on the dispenser is genius. It dispenses the right about of product and avoids waste of product which ultimately means the product lasts longer. The Pixi Glow Tonic is just a traditional dap dispenser which works, however it can be prone to dispensing too much product and spillage ( if you’re a lil clumsy like myself).


This product is beautiful and the design deserves credit, however, the solution did not work for my skin. It didn’t help any breakouts and ultimately made my skin feel a little irritated. Although kindly gifted to me by a friend, I can’t say I would purchase this in the future.


▷Pixi Glow Tonic

price £18 //


One pound less than the Glossier Solution, yet exceeded my expectations. I have used this tonic for the majority of the year which could indicate a bias for this particular acid. However, even in the early days of using this product, I saw a dramatic difference in the texture of my skin, dare I say even an overnight difference. This tonic helps skin look plump and energised, as well as calming breakouts. As for the feeling on the skin when used it does not feel ‘sticky’ unlike the Glossier but more fresh, which I personally prefer.

To use this tonic I simply saturate a cotton pad with the tonic then sweep it across my face, neck and even chest. This is not a product I use on a daily basis, it is more of a go-to when my skin needs a little TLC or needs something extra to calm any breakouts or fight dullness.


This product really improved my skin in multiple ways, especially the plumpness and clarity. It does not feel uncomfortable on the skin once applied. This product will be re-purchased again.


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