Rubirosa NYC

When we booked our trip to New York I had one thing on my mind, FOOD.

Having been to America only once before I was eager to try American cuisine and more importantly, NYC pizza. Having followed a ridiculous amount of food accounts on instagram I am sometimes known for my foodie find when I travel.

Rubirosa was high on my to eat list and I am so excited to share it lived up to all my cheesy, marinara dreams!

As a popular spot for tourist and locals it is quite difficult to grab a booking for any party larger than two. Luckily, while at supper the night before I tried my luck and thankfully found a lunch booking for six of us!

Overjoyed and everyone on board I booked it.

The next day after a morning of sight seeing we jumped onto the metro and headed to Soho hungry and excited for some epic NYC pizza.

Once arrived we where seated all snug in a little booth by the window and we got to business…

The ‘Rubirosa Supreme’ – tomato / mozzarella / pepperoni / mini meatball / roasted garlic
The ‘Arugula’ – cherry tomato / onion / shaved parma ham / balsamic
Another ‘Rubirosa Supreme’ below!
Then a half and half. The ‘Classic’ and another Rubirosa Supreme – this one was a hit with the whole family.

This has to be some of the best pizza I’ve had. Cheesy without being overly greasy and the perfect tomato based at first we thought we had over ordered but we ate the lot!

We ate and chatted until our cheesy fingers couldn’t lift another slice.

A very happy bunch with our Italian lunch we headed back out onto the warm streets of New York fuelled properly for an afternoon of exploring!

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