The Sunday Post: My 2019 Goals

Snaps from our walk this weekend.

Happy New Year my love!

I hope you are all extremely relaxed and in high spirits after a couple of weeks of festive celebrations.

Firstly, I want to welcome you to the Sunday Post! With the launch of the fresh in September, I began creating beautiful more thought out content, but I miss the causal catch ups we once had. My Sunday Post has been curated to fill all my rambling needs and hopefully it will be a fun little read for you to enjoy tucked up in bed on a Sunday morning with your cup of tea.

Today’s theme is, of course, the classic ‘New Year New Me’ which is always the vibe for many come any fresh new year. I personally have nothing against people wanting to better themselves in reflection on their past year although I am aware this blog post is one of millions in the sea of blogs talking about the ‘new me’.

I am all about personal growth and I am definately working on myself this coming year. As my mother Tab always says “everyone can benefit from feedback!” even if that feedback is from yourself.

This year is the first year I believe I haven’t really set myself time limited goals. Sometimes we go through years where a lot of things happen, a mix of the dreaded and the splendid, and come the next year your outlook on things you thought you wanted most has shifted entirely. That’s the place I happen to be at so far in 2019.

I have a very loose set of goals for 2019 and a lot of them have to do with mindset, family and friends and lifestyle.

These are 3 goals for 2019:

To enjoy everyday.
The last year I experienced a lot of loss and also witnessed a lot of terrible things happen to incredible people. After three years of working my arse off in University and being moderately stressed for the most part of three years I realised that I was worrying and stressing over the wrong things. Perception is a important thing and I really think I integrated this into my mindset towards the end of last year and I really want to work on this throughout 2019. I want to enjoy the tiny accomplishments and find joy in the everyday mundane tasks because I found that if I am always looking ahead of where I want to be I will never appreciate where I am and who I’m with. I am not entitled to lots of time and I do not want to live my life like I am, as I found that when life is lived this way, you are always waiting and never living.

To work on my health.
I am twenty two years old and if I am completely honest I am most likely in the worst shape of my life. Health and fitness has just not been a priority for a long time but I am hoping to change this and have already taken steps to improve this by joining a weekly Yoga class which I seriously adore and started seeing a PT once a week who kicks my butt. I really want to take care of myself so I can do lots of amazing things without the fear of being too unfit and the very shallow anxiety of what my body looks like. One of my goals within this goal is to jog around Central Park when I go to New York with family this year! Just fun things I thought I would never do!

Get my sass back.
I was once the person who literally did not care what anyone thought. Of course within context I was never horrible but I never let the opinions of others worry me or stop me from doing things. Somehow and I am not too sure when I have lost this sass and even my boyfriend giggles when I express a very stupid worry about others opinions and replies “when did Han Tab start caring what people think?!” Like damn. He is right ( you are never allowed to tell him that or this year will be a painful one hahah). SO this year I aim to do things I love and enjoy without even considering others opinions which frankly are 99% made up in my head as I am sure no one really cares as much as I kid myself they do haha.

Goodness that all got a little deep didn’t it?

I have tried my hardest this first week of 2019 to implement little bits of each of these goals into my life. I actually started a new job this week and waking up at 5:00am everyday makes it difficult to be overly enthusiastic about much bar sleep! But this weekend I found my balance, I went on a lovely country walk with my Mum, ate breakfast with my brother everyday, bathed, read my book, wore no makeup and mentally switched off. It was bliss and hit all my goals easily and enjoyable.

I think 2019 for me will be stripping it back to the simple things that can bring you joy and just being happy right where I am. I have multiple career goals and other bits but for once, this year, they don’t take the top spot of importance.

I hope you have a lovely Sunday and feel fully rested for the week ahead and I shall natter with you next week!


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  1. Muddatabernacle
    January 6, 2019 / 4:20 pm

    Your getting wiser each day my love ❤️

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