The £10 Palette I’m Obsessed With For This Season

I get so excited when I find a palette which is affordable yet delivers high pigmentation. Today I am sharing my love for the Revolution collaboration with Soph, from the Youtube channel SophDoesNails.

This palette launched four months ago in the summertime and is the second release by Revolution X Soph, the first being in 2017.

When I began wearing makeup and the whole online beauty community was on the rise, I found lower priced makeup was never really raved about. It was always the higher end cosmetic companies that many of us shouted about and the drugstore brands sadly got frequently overlooked when it came to products such as shadows and lipsticks, this was the case for me.

The price for me then equalled quality.

However, with a growth in the cosmetic industry, beautiful gems such as this palette are being created which provides quality high pigmentated shadows, without the price tag of a high-end name.

This particular palette boasts a broad array of finishes from matte, glitter to shimmers. In addition to this the colour selection is vast meaning there is an endless combination of looks to create. At only £10 for 18 shades, I was sceptical of the quality, but I was pleasantly surprised. All shades are highly pigmented, easy to blend, and I have found them to be long-lasting, everything a good shadow should be.

I initially gravitated towards this palette due to the beautiful combination of colours which are perfect for the Autumn weather. As I chatted about in the Autumn Makeup Refresh, I love to experiment with my makeup a little more during this season, and these shades are what I have been reaching for the most.

My favourite shades right now are Cookie Dough blended in the crease, then Dreams on the lid which is a beautiful glittery shade and then Chocolate orange on the lower lash line. It creates a gorgeous, sultry eye and if you have green eyes it makes them pop!

At £10 this palette is easily accessible to an abundance of consumers which I loooove as creating amazing makeup looks shouldn’t have to cost you a tonne of money. I love my high-end products, but when I find affordable products such as this with the same high performance, I would rather save those extra pennies!


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